Velcro: The Ninja Kat - Book One of The Ninja Kat series

In the Country of Widows, the military organization known as the Devil Corps has waged a secret war against its own people. Only one cat, the Ninja Kat, is aware of this evil scheme, and has sworn to stop this war before it's too late.

The Ninja Kat has been ambushing the Devil Corps and foiling their plots, certain that he's been making a difference. But it isn't until he meets a group of escaped hamsters that he learns how little he has accomplished: the Devil Corps have destroyed the hamsters' village and taken the survivors as prisoners, all under the Ninja Kat's unsuspecting nose. And when the Ninja Kat attempts to rescue those survivors, even he is shocked by what he discovers inside the Devils' lair.

Velcro: The Ninja Kat is an action packed tale that explores the tragic history of this strange new world populated by animals, as well as the mysterious past of the Ninja Kat himself. In the secret war, unlikely alliances will be made. Families will be torn apart, and others reunited in the worst of ways. And in the end, a magical secret even greater than the war itself will be revealed for the first time in generations.

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