Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Velcro: The Green Lion - Coming Soon

In order to fight fire with fire in the continued war with the Devil Corps, Velcro heads off for the village of Redfield in search of the rogue Magician, Shiki, from whom she intends to learn the ways of Magic. However, the Ninja Kat's infamous reputation follows her, and as such, the only thing she finds in Redfield is banishment.

But as Velcro departs to hone her skills, Redfield comes under attack, and their leader, the Elder Chow, goes missing. And in the resulting confusion, the citizens of Redfield reluctantly find themselves having to place their faith in Velcro to uncover the truth behind their predicament.

Picking up right where The Ninja Kat left off, Velcro: The Green Lion continues the action packed tale that takes our hero into new lands within the Country of Widows, uncovering new secrets around every corner. In these uncertain times as the world grows more aware of the Devil Corps' evil scheme, the lines begin to blur between who can be trusted. And Velcro will have to go back to her roots and confront her demons waiting at home in order to fully unleash the beast within.

Coming soon...

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