Monday, February 19, 2018

The Anti-Plastic Cascade Podcast Interview

Last May, author Chris Widdop was invited onto The Anti-Plastic Cascade podcast, where he was interviewed by M.H. Smith. They discussed The Ninja Kat series, as well as all of Mr. Widdop's films to date, going a bit in depth into the creative processes of novel writing and filmmaking. The full interview has finally been posted online, broken up into three parts, and now we'd like to share it and invite all of you to give it a listen for yourselves. Enjoy!

Part 1:

This episode covers Chris’ novel series "VELCRO: THE NINJA KAT" and his introduction to filmmaking.

Part 2:

This episode covers Chris’ three short films and novel writing vs. filmmaking.

Part 3:

This episode covers Chris’ future goals, work ethic/creative process, and the origin of his Twitter handle.

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