Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Velcro: The Egg Hunters - Now Available!

Book Five of The Ninja Kat series.

The epic conclusion to the Ninja Kat's journey. Following Tails Mask's widespread fiery attack that had brought an abrupt end to the Polluted War, the world has fallen into chaos. And in the ensuing confusion, many key players have gone mysteriously missing, including the villainous Tails Mask, as well as our hero, Velcro the Ninja Kat herself.

Having now seen just how powerful and dangerous Magic can be in the wrong hands, war has once more been reinvigorated, as a new military faction known as the Phoenix Corps has arisen with the express task of eradicating all remaining Magicians the globe over, and have set their sights on those harboring solace in the Country of Rath. And meanwhile, several bands of bounty hunting Egg Hunters have also set out in order to cash in on the heads of the Magicians that have gone into hiding.

The Red Easter has passed. The Egg Hunt begins now!

Read the first chapter right now in this special preview, then buy your copy today in either paperback or ebook form!

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